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Realtors can now contribute a monthly portion of their net commission to help fund a home for a family living in slum conditions. Every time you reach $3K USD in commission contributions, another home is funded for another family in Latin America. Plus, we'll make you a custom video to share with your clients and friends, and you can join a Journey to build the home in person (see below for sample video and more details on the Journey). 

Choose your monthly contribution level, i.e. how quickly you want to give a home to a family. Then click on the Fundrazr campaign to enter your credit card info and make a recurring gift.  


Choose from one of three levels: 




Fund 1 home every 9 months

Fund 1 home every 3 months 

Fund 1 home every 6 months

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$3,000 FUNDS A HOME...

and we invite you on a Journey to build it. 


With implementing partner TECHO, $3,000 USD covers building supplies and resources needed to build one home for a family living in slum conditions.

Plus, when you contribute $3k USD, you can secure an at-cost spot ($500 USD) on a 6-day Journey to help build the homes alongside local teams and families.

Learn more about the Journey experience by clicking the button below.



Our Canadian partner World Housing provides homes to families living in slums around the world. Founded by real estate agents who saw an opportunity to make a larger impact with a 1:1 model (a home for a home), World Housing has funded and built over 500 homes since its start.

World Housing serves as Journey's fiscal sponsor in Canada, allowing donors to contribute to homes and receive a charitable tax deduction for their gift. Thanks to the generosity of the World Housing team, 100% of donated funds benefit housing projects executed with Journey.

Learn more at worldhousing.org.