Journey is a PBC, we parter with 501c3.


Journey’s implementing partner TECHO is a 20-year old nonprofit that has built over 100,000 housing units by mobilizing over 800,000 local volunteers.  Their projects are 2 day transitional home building alongside the families receiving the homes.

TECHO works in 19 Latin American countries and ensures the sustainability of the new homes and the well-being of the community.



Glasswing believes in strengthening a communities' existing resources, such as public schools, hospitals & health care clinics rather than building anew.  

Through their organization volunteers have an accessible way of making a huge impact on the lives of children and youth in the region. 





STA  Travel is the largest student and youth travel company in the world. STA travel are your global youth travel experts. STA Travel has branches in more than 100 countries worldwide. STA coordinates flights for Journey so our travelers arrive together, and can easily coordinate group travel.

If you have any issues with your booking you can reach STA at 1.800.535.7172 or complete the booking form HERE, and an STA Travel agent will assist you.