Journey Thrive Kit

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Journey Thrive Kit


Let us set you up to THRIVE on your next Journey.
No need to pack it: the kit will be waiting for you upon arrival IN COUNTRY, so please only use your billing address upon check-out.

The best part? You donate the sleeping blanket and mat to a family at the end, for them to use in their new home.

Kit includes:

1 - Sleeping Blanket (donated to community after use) 

2 - Sleeping Pad (donated to community after use)

3 - Building Gloves

4 - Shampoo, Conditioner + Body wash

5 - Sunscreen 

6 - Bug Repellent 

7 - Sanitizing Wipes   

8 - Emergen-C: 2 packets 

9 - Advil - 4 Packets, 2 per pack

10- Toilet Tissue 

11 - 6 Snacks/Bars 

*Individual items available for purchase. Items in the photo are examples of brands and may not be the exact products. 

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