Our approach

We know we can't "solve" everything, but we can be the start of a ripple that makes a greater difference.  Our approach combines two days of impact work and 3 days of integration, designed for reflection, self growth and a new perspective on the world.
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STEP 1: Give Yourself

Each Journey begins with a two-day impact project. These projects include home builds, school renovations or coral reef preservation. We work with world class nonprofits in each destination to ensure long-term, sustainable benefits for the communities. 

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STEP 2: Lose Yourself

After the impact portion of the Journey, we head to the jungle or the beach. We give you time to immerse yourself in the local culture through excursions, workshops, or even food. This time is for you to lose yourself in your environment and relax.  


STEP 3: Find Yourself

Finally, you end your Journey with time to reconnect with yourself. 





TECHO builds homes in 19 countries, and over the past 20 years their team has mobilized nearly 1M volunteers in building over 100,000 transitional
housing units, giving families living in slum conditions the safety, dignity,
and opportunity that comes with having a place to call home. 

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In Central America, Glasswing International is transforming the development sector, helping to refurbish schools. They have a modern and groundbreaking methodology to overcome systemic barriers of distrust between communities, corporations, and government, enabling sustainable collaboration across all sectors to create a massive and long-lasting impact.



We have a mission to inspire a new generation of travelers to address the world's challenges. Our goal is to be an entry point, so travelers leave with more questions than answers, begin thinking of the world in a new light and even share their story when they return home. 

  1. Individual lives improved & empowered

  2. Travelers changed & transformed

  3. Stories shared & information spread