T H E   L O D G I N G

C A R T E G E N A 

We begin our Journey in one of the most vibrant, exotic cities in Latin America: Cartagena. Know as the queen of the caribbean coast, a city of legends, history and superbly preserved beauty lying within centuries-old colonial stone walls. Here we gather for a shared welcome meal, set intention for our journey, and prepare for the impact ahead. We will be lodging at the Friends To Be hotel for the impact portion of the Journey. 


I S L A  D E  T I E R R A  B O M B A

After a hard but rewarding build weekend, we travel to an island off Cartagena for 3 days of Integration: processing our experience with workshops, shared meals, and new friends. We will be staying at the tranquil Blue Apple + Fenix hotel. This is your time, and you can choose to fill your days with outings, leisure, etc.