Q. Is the $1,650 goal going to cover all of my expenses?


A. It covers everything on your Journey from start to finish (except extras: souvenirs, drinks, transport or outings above and beyond the Journey itinerary). Journey takes care of food, lodging, transportation, and all activities included in the main itinerary.


Q. What happens if I don’t reach my goal?


A. No problem - you’ll be receiving all funds into your own account, so you can still put everything you raised toward the cost of your trip. Journey also offers payment plans, in case you can’t pay the remainder all at once.


Q. What happens if I raise more than my goal?


A. That’s up to you! You can either donate it to the cause, or tell your donors what you’ll use it for.


Q. My Fundrazr account isn’t working / I’m having technical difficulties setting up my campaign. Can you help me?


A. Yes! Contact either the Fundrazr support team or with your questions.


Q. How does the money get to me?


A. Fundrazr works with a company called WePay, an online payment service. They will send you an email when you create your account to set up your banking information with WePay. Once that is done, any funds that are donated to your campaign will go through WePay directly into your bank account.


Q. What do I have to do with the money?


A. You use it to secure your spot: to pay yourself back for the trip deposit, and to pay the final payments.


Q. Is my spot on the Journey secured even before I finish fundraising?


A. Once you put down a deposit, your spot is secured. See trip page for deposit requirements and deadlines.


Q. Is there a deadline on fundraising?


A. Nope--but we suggest you set one! Your friends and family are more likely to take action and support you if they know you need it by a certain date.  


Q. What if my campaign isn’t making a lot of money?


A. There are more ways to fund! If your campaign needs a little kick start, consider raising money from other outlets (think old school lemonade stand-type fundraising) to give you a boost of confidence. Or make it a pledge style donation (Every dollar donated = a pushup). Get creative, you can do this!