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How long is a Journey?

Trip length varies, but most Journeys are 5-7 days, Friday through Wednesday. Check the specifics of the Journey you're booking.

Do I need travel Insurance?

You will need travel medical insurance in order to participate. We recommend general travel insurance as well. Check out Allianz Travel Insurance.

Do I need a travel visa?

US and Canadian citizens do not typically require a traveler’s visa for the countries we visit. It is important that you check for yourself what is needed for you to enter the country. ( is a good starting place).

Do I need a Passport?

Yes. As a general rule most countries expect that you will have at least 6 months' validity on your passport. On arrival visitors may be asked to present return tickets and evidence of means to cover your intended stay.

I've never built a home or shcool before. Is that OKAY?

Yes. We partner with local non-profits in the area that are experienced with volunteer gropus like ours. They will give us direction, and make sure we get the work done!

What should I pack?

We recommend traveling light, with essentials only. On some Journeys you will be camping out. You'll get a complete packing list after you book your trip.

Suggested essentials: Sunscreen
Mosquito repellent/after-bite
Water bottle
Hat for sun protection
Close toed shoes (comfortable)
Small day backpack
Light clothes for working in
Bathing suit
Essential hygiene products
Sleeping bag - Yoga mat or sleep pad (Only on Home Build Journeys).

**We advise not to bring any jewelry or valuables.

Can I bring a friend / family member?

Absolutely! They just need to sign up, pay a trip fee, and buy their own flight to join you.

Is it safe to travel to rural regions Latin America?

The short answer? Yes, and.

We partner with on-the-ground organizations to ensure the safest experience. We mitigate risk by working closely with on local ground partners who have worked in each specific region for 6+ months. They vet the impact sites and work with communities to prepare them for the visit.

Every area has some degree of crime, but our partners are very familiar with the local landscape. In general, we advise everyone be a conscious and safe traveler, and act wisely by keeping valuables tucked away, earbuds out, and eyes open.

Do I need to bring money?

Yes. Most of your meals are covered, but bring additional spending money (We recommend $200USD, to be comfortable) for food, snacks, alcohol or local souvenirs. We also recommend you change it into local currency at your bank before you come.

Who else is coming on the trip?

Groups vary, but typically groups are 20-50 conscious thinkers and doers like you.

When can I book my flight?

Wait to book your flight until you have secured your spot on the Journey, reviewed the recommended arrival times for your trip, and have had all your questions answered by the team.

Can I change the country I want to visit (Latin America)?

We understand your plans can change. Under certain circumstances we allow changes up to 45 days before a trip. Contact us for more info.

During the build portion of the trip we will be staying nearby in the community at the school. Picture dorm room style rooms. You will need to bring your own sleeping bag and a sleeping pad for comfort. We will be safe and have the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the culture and adventure. For the 3 beach days, check on your itinerary for more detailed hotel information.

What about dietary restrictions?

Our team does their best to accommodate all special needs. During the impact portion of the trip, our partners will be providing the food and the families will be cooking for us (amazing!). However, if you have strict dietary restrictions we recommend bringing any snack or protein bars for yourself. Afterwards we will be eating at restaurants that can cater to a variety of dietary options.

Do I need any vaccines?

We highly recommend that you check with your doctor and the CDC website prior to traveling to ensure all routine vaccines are up to date, ideally 4-6 weeks prior.

What about ZIKA?

We take the health and well-being of our travelers very seriously. Zika is a developing health threat and requires certain precautions. A full FAQ on Zika can be found here.

Is Journey a nonprofit?

Journey is a mission-driven for-profit Public Benefit Corp. This is a relatively new legal status that ensures Journey can give equal weight to the mission and the shareholder interests. (Also, Journey only chooses shareholders who are aligned with the mission).

Journey's mission: To create experiences which empower people to become more empathetic, philanthropic, or conscious human beings who address social and environmental challenges.

How does Journey make money?

As a for-profit, we rely on earned revenue, creating trip budgets with a margin that supports our overheard and our growth.

As a PBC, we are committed to investing our profits back into the mission: of funding more projects at scale, and supporting our community in travel experiences that build empathy and create a positive impact.

A typical ticket breakdown looks like this:

  • A Donation to Impact Project

  • Covering Costs on the Ground

  • Journey Leader or Facilitator Payout

  • Leftover funds are invested back in mission: to build empathy worldwide and create positive social impact at scale.