Red Bull x Ryan Sheckler x DivertCity x Journey: We Built a Skate Park in Costa Rica

In March 2017, 60 Journeyers headed to Costa Rica to join forces with the San Rafael Extremo Skate Team and Glasswing Int'l to make a vision become reality: to build a new skate park for the community of San Rafael.  

On the Journey were cofounders/leaders Lauren Biegler and Amy Merrill, skate influencers Leandre Saunders and Justin Kalani Burbage, pro surfer Eros Exarhou, DivertCity founders Zach Adamson and David Monhait, and 20 Red Bull student brand ambassadors and community members from across the country. 

One month before the project, the Municipality sponsored and laid the concrete pad: 

On Friday March 31st, the Journeyers met at Selina Hostels in San Jose, got to know one another and prepared for the weekend. Saturday morning, the hard yet rewarding work began, with each Journeyer taking part in cleaning, painting, and fitting together pieces of the massive ramp kit, acquired via donations and matched by American Ramp Company to the tune of nearly $75k of sponsored ramp materials and build support. Pro skater and TV personality Ryan Sheckler stopped by to pay the crew a visit and test out the new toys. 

By Sunday morning, the ramps and rails were locked and loaded, and the park was nearly complete. Community members had come from miles away for the grand opening, lining the surrounding streets and pressing against the chainlink fences to check out the action.

There was only one factor the crew had not considered: rain. 

The day turned out perfectly as unplanned. Rain washed out all plans for polished speeches and video content, Ryan had no chance of doing a solo-demo, and the ceremony disintegrated into a raucous dance party in the downpour. The skaters and community members of San Rafael were the stars, balance-boarding in the rain and christening the park they will call their second home for decades to come. 

Red Bull just released their own story of the Red Bull Ambassador Journey.

Huge thanks to all partners and sponsors, Journeyers and the local team for making this dream a reality.

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