Mentorship: BC Serna taking his little bro across the world

WeJourney Voices proudly presents ambassador & Journey collaborator BC Serna, as he takes his little bro across the world to Nicaragua. BC is from Denver CO, where he spend 4 years mentoring high schoolers from the inner city on how to show up, and made good choices in their lives. 

After watching them walk across the graduation stage, and enter adulthood, he has been able to share one of his greatest passions with them: travel. In November, BC raised the funds to build a home for a family living in slum conditions AND for himself and his little bro to go build it. Check out their experience with us below. 

Huffington Post: 6 Wanderlusting Companies That Are Changing the World through Travel


This quest for deeper meaning in our lives and deeper connections with our world has finally seeped into the travel industry. “Experiential travel” became the travel trend of 2016. Rather than just visiting far-flung locations, vacationers were looking for ways to tap into native cultures, meaningfully interact with locals, and feel like far more than a tourist. In a world heavily disconnected by technology, we humans are trying to find better ways to connect and find authenticity. So where does a thoughtful traveler go from there? What’s next?

Industry leaders have now been coining the phrase “transformational travel” as the next iteration for 2017. It is similar to experiential travel, but taken a step further. Transformational travel is travel motivated, but defined by a shift in perspective, self-reflection and development, and a deeper communion with nature and culture. Today’s culture is device- and pace-driven and we are disconnecting from ourselves, our relationships, nature, and culture. But transforming ourselves, we have found is still not enough to change the world. We have the power to help others as consumers, so we have the responsibility of bringing global awareness to travel and putting it into action.  This is what “sustainable tourism” is all about.

Travel is transforming our world and transforming business. Here are a few travel brands that are leading the pack in re-thinking consumer’s engagement with travel:

Imagine this, you’re in Athens but its not your typical holiday. You get up at the crack of dawn to travel the outskirts of the city to a temporary structure erected for Syrian refugee families. You help interview and distribute supplies, and get a chance to hear firsthand from the father of a family struggling with becoming refugees and leaving everything they own, while helping to work hands on.

The second half of your journey is your “deep dive”. Where you relax on a nearby island through sound meditations, singing, and physical release through yoga. You join in during group conversations around the dinner table chatting about your impactful experience, how you can better understand it, and how you can help the real issues at hand using your own passions and skillsets.

That is what Journey is.


PopSugar: Is It Possible to Give Back in a Meaningful Way While Traveling?


"Our generation is not looking for the old model: to sit on a beach, drink beers and eat buffet, and come home with a sunburn and hangover," says cofounder Amy Merrill. "We are looking for inspiration, enrichment, adventure, meaning and purpose, and great people to share it with. Plus, studies show this is actually what recharges you and gives you more fuel for your life."

The company challenges people to "travel with a purpose," but there's a fine line between "voluntourism" and making an actual lasting impact on the communities travelers are visiting. Journey — whose founders have extensive backgrounds in nonprofit organizations and international development work — are very conscious of that fine line.



  Written by Allison Nicole

Written by Allison Nicole


I didn’t really know what to expect of this trip, and was accepting of that. All I knew is that I needed to be there for some unknown reason. I trusted my gut, and giggled at myself as I sat on the plane waiting for takeoff: “Here we go, again!”.

Upon the first round of group introductions in Athens, I instantly realized one of the reasons I was there: to be surrounded by a group of self-developed individuals to learn from. I felt insecure, and uncomfortable, as I quickly realized that a lot of the incredible individuals who were there were thriving in their success, were confident, and able to vocalize their opinions, insights, and wisdom, seamlessly. My first mirror appeared within minutes of beginning the week-long adventure. I got knocked off my high-horse, and realized where I stood in my personal development, where I wanted to be, and how big the gap was between the two.

As it came time to leave the refugee camp, I saw the kids continuing to play with their make-shift soccer ball. I knew in my heart this was my last hoorah, my last opportunity to give of myself. I did my best attempt at a soccer trick, landed it, and bid my farewell to a community which greatly enriched my life, educated me, tested me, and grew me. I was a different person now, in this moment, and all that mattered was love, connection, and faith. Being the feeler that I am, I can tell you, I’ve never felt so much gratitude in my heart… ever in my life. I shed tears of deep happiness and sadness on our departure back to the center of Athens.

There are no further words to describe this experience. I’ve opened my heart, shown the real, in hopes that you can better comprehend a raw experience with self and others.



Journey Voices: Gabby Perez shares her experience in Greece

I have been home for a few days now, I'm still sort of fighting this jet lag, I really had no idea what it was until now. I get it, haha. I've spent the majority of the last two weeks traveling with a company called Journey, we first headed to Athens to volunteer in a refugee camp, the rest of the time was spent traveling to some of the Greek Islands. 

I had little expectations but a bit of concern for safety and acceptance was of course in the back of my head prior to entering the camp. If only I had known, I would meet and share my time with resilient, educated and truly inspiring families. It was my heart’s pleasure to be there and to be of service during that time. I keep thinking about each individual we shared our time with and how much I wish I could somehow know their fate.
— Gabby Perez



You know when you hear about someone and it seems like they have everything going for them.

They're young. Successful by all the standards. In a long term relationship. Living in a city that many only dream of living in one day (NYC). And just generally, killing it in life.

Or so it seems on the outside.


This Is How You Scale Empathy And Change The World

At Mindvalley’s A-Fest, Taylor Conroy, co-founder of shares how empathy has the power to change lives. This video might just alter the way you work, think and live your life.

How Empathy Will Change Your Life (And Our World)

As the world grows more interconnected, empathy has become more and more important.

In fact, empathy is the most powerful tool for personal growth and mass societal improvement. But how do you learn to move from a feeling to a collective movement for social good?

Taylor Conroy, the Chief Adventurer of Journey at, shares how he became a social entrepreneur and discovered that empathy could be scaled by the thousands.

Learn how to go beyond the emotion of empathy and effect real change.


Extreme School Makeover in CDMX (and our first Training Trip)

In June, we met a small-but-mighty crew in CDMX (the current term for Mexico City) and renovated a primary school from top to bottom with Glasswing

Check out the results of the reno in this video, taken by our Director of Programming Karina: 

After the project was complete, the group celebrated with a pinata party and headed off to the Integration in Tepoztlan. Our facilitators-in-training shadowed our Leaders, and during the integration they dove into what's needed to be a Journey Facilitator on a future impact adventure. 

Interested in facilitating? Contact us

Our next trip to Mexico is August 3-8; details here.