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I’m leading a purpose-driven travel adventure, in CITY on DATES, and I want you to come.

Here's how it looks… 

You fly out on Friday morning, eat some terrible airplane pretzels, and land that evening where you are met at the airport and taken to our hotel.

Our whole crew (30 of us from NY, LA, SF, Vancouver, and Toronto) head to dinner at a cool Nicaraguan restaurant up the street, eat some tacos, and meet each other. 

On Saturday morning we head to the build site, you meet the family you are going to be building a home for and your fellow builders. 

You and your team build all day, share lunch with the family, and we all camp out that night and have a big dinner together. 

More building on Sunday and (if your team worked hard) your house will be done by sunset, and then my FAVORITE part happens… you watch as the family cuts a ribbon, gets their keys, and walks into their first brand new home. 

And that’s just Saturday and Sunday… 

Sunday night we go to the beach! Then it’s all about surfing with new friends, yoga classes with epic teachers, meditating to the sound of the ocean, and maybe even spotting some sea turtles on their way to the ocean. 

You are back in LA by Wednesday night feeling open, reset, and knowing that you just did something huge for a wonderful family.

It’s all with an amazing impact travel community called Journey, and here is a video from a recent trip

There are 4 spots left on this trip - let me know if I should hold one for you.

HERE IS THE LINK, and it’s only $$ if you book before DATE with the code WEJOURNEY. 

Let’s do this.



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#AdventureAwaits #JourneyTo

#AdventureAwaits #JourneyTo

#TravelwithPurpose #AdventureAwaits

#TravelwithPurpose #AdventureAwaits

#JourneyTo #TravelwithPurpose

#JourneyTo #TravelwithPurpose

#PassportGoals #TravelwithPurpose

#PassportGoals #TravelwithPurpose


Hi Friends! I’m leading a purpose-driven travel adventure, and you’re invited. We’re headed to CITY on DATES, and we’ll be doing IMPACT… [link] 

I have X spots left, and it’s only $$$ if you book now with the code WEJOURNEY. I’m partnering with @wejourney, an impact travel community sending people all over Latin America to make good things happen. Message me with any questions, and if you want to fundraise your spot that’s possible too.

Let’s do this. 


NAME! I’m headed to COUNTRY to help lead a 6-day journey: building homes for families plus surf/yoga retreat with 30 people. It’s going to be epic. More info here: LINK

I have 4 spots left, and it’s less than $1200 if you book now and use this code: WEJOURNEY Let me know if you can make it! 




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1. What does it mean to be a Journey Ambassador? 

Our Ambassadors are the face of Journey. They are individuals who love to travel, learn, and explore, are curious about the world and the people around them, and continually give themselves in service (and usually get a lot in return). 

Journey Ambassadors bring groups of family and friends along on future Journeys, and get deep discounts on their own trips by earning travel credit. 

They also receive access to training on social entrepreneurship, and special invitations to Journey events and workshops.  

Ambassadors can earn and train their way to become a Leader. 

Leaders design and co-lead their own trips, and earn cash doing it. Our leaders include foodies, filmmakers, yogis and wellness experts. See an example co-led Journey here.  


2. How does it work? 

It takes just a few steps to get started: 

First, you apply to become an Ambassador on our site. 

Then, after your onboarding call, you’ll get a code (YOURNAME) and access to a media & template archive. 

Every time a friend books with your discount code, they get $100 off their Journey—and you earn another $100 in travel credit toward your next Journey. 


3. When do I book my own trip? 

We’ve found it works best to invite family and friends and earn travel credits when you’re going on the trip yourself. 

Once you’ve picked your dates, book your trip with a $300 deposit. Then, start to earn credit by sharing your code. 

Three weeks before the trip, you’ll put down your final payment, minus travel credits earned. 


4. What if a friend books last minute? Do I still get credit toward the trip? 

You do! Two options: you can get a refund for the amount earned, or use that credit toward the Journey marketplace for swag, thrive kits, or future Journeys. 


5. Interested in Funding a home and earning a Free Trip? 

Head to wejourney.co/fundraise to learn more about this opportunity :)


Got more questions? Contact Journey at support@wejourney.co