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T H E   I M P A C T


This is an opportunity for coaches to make a real impact by offering intensive support to those who would otherwise not receive it. Together you can help members of this underserved rural community to overcome personal issues, let go of limiting beliefs and negative patterns and get clear on how to move forward and create a life and career from a place of freedom, purpose and joy.

As an IWA Coach, you will offer group and one-on-one coaching for intensive breakthroughs in each major area of life: (career & finances, family & relationships, health, self-development) and help clear the negative strategies and patterns from the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of an individual's Self.

Finally, you will help create a personal strategy for success and fulfillment both personal and professional with the community member, helping them to walk away with a 12-month action plan.

During Integrative Wellness Academy’s visit, head trainer Rachel Eva will also  be providing group talks for personal self-development, and you and the team of coaches will help guide the group in letting go of that which no longer serves them, discovering and clarifying goals and purpose, and creating a strategy and action plan for each individual.  


Integrative life coaches will offer two 2-day sessions, offering the following tools, techniques, and action plans to community members:

  •  Teach good eating habits with local supply of food
  • Help create an effective plan to bring balance to home life, family obligations, personal needs and career
  • Gain clarity and a clear action plan for career development & work ethic
  •  Learn stress management tools and techniques
  •  Learn self care and positive self image
  • Learn how to create balance mentally, emotionally, physically & spiritually
  • Tools and techniques to process and release negative emotions
  • Learn how to cope with loss, grief & transitions in life
  • Learn about healthy boundaries & personal safety
  •  Career tools: goal setting, financial planning, budgeting time, energy & resources and Building community.
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